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Assam’s Heartthrob Singer - Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg (born 18 November 1972). is a singer and composer from Assam, India, in the Bollywood and Assamese music scene. He plays dhols, dotora, mandolin, keyboard and various percussion instruments.


Zubeen Garg hails from Jorhat, a small city in upper Assam. His birth name is Jibon Barthakur. He was named after the great composer Zubin Mehta and used their Gautra as his surname. Zubeen was born to Mr. Mohini. M. Borthakur, a famous lyricist and poet (who uses the pseudo name Kapil Thakur), and late Mrs. Ily Borthakur. However, because of transliteration discrepancies he is sometimes credited as Zubin Garg, Jubin Garg, or simply Zubin, Zubeen or Jubin and various combinations of the above mentioned.

The Borthakur family had its roots in Janji, Sivasagar. Mr. Borthakur was a magistrate and moved often during his early years along with little Zubeen. Zubeen’s mother was a good dancer, an actress and a singer. However, she never turned these talents into a professional career. Instead, she decided to teach them to little Zubeen at home. Zubeen considers his mother to be his first guru and mentor. Zubeen’s younger sister Jonkie Borthakur was a well known singer and actress who unfortunately died in a car accident in 2002. Zubeen’s other sister Palme, is a good bharat natyam dancer, presently living in Guwahati.

Feeling indebted to his loyal fans from Assam, Zubeen became involved in various charitable organizations dealing with AIDS and brain cancer. He plans on opening an institute in the near future to help those that are mentally challenged as well.

Zubeen lives with his wife Garima, a fashion designer, in his flat, which is a part of his music studio called Sound & Silence, located at 165/1, Sher-E-Punjab. Andheri East. Mumbai, India.

He is also working on a script for a Hindi film which was announced in August 2006. Zubeen has opened a chain of beauty parlors across the northeast called Zubeen’s Veda.

Entering the Music Scene

Zubeen started learning tabla from Guru Robin Banarjee, and then continued learning Assamese folk music form Guru Romoni Rai. He attended J.B. College in Jorhat, and then moved to B. Barooah College, where he was pursuing Bachelor of Science after his family moved permanently to Guwahati. But he did not complete his baccalaureate studies as he jumped in to the music scene. Zubeen’s life had a turning point when he received the gold medal for his western solo performance in the youth festival held in 1992. This is where he got his first taste of success and confidence as vocalist. Apart form playing dhols, dotara, mandolin, percussions, Zubeen is an accomplished keyboard player. He broke into professional music scene in 1992, releasing his first album – Anamika. This unusual album, became an instant hit in entire northeast India and re-defined Assamese musical landscape for the coming 21st century. After that, there was no looking back for Zubeen. With about 40 albums to his name, Zubeen continues his musical career directing music to over 24 Assamese movies including a few Hindi and bangla movies as well. He received the best Music Award in 2005, for the Bangla movie Shudhu Tumi. Zubeen considers himself to be a musician having sung more than 9000 songs in various languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali, Marathi, Nepali, and many others. The song Ya Ali from the movie Gangster became a superhit in mainland India, the Middle East, and across South Asia. Following the success an Album titled ‘Ya Ali Remix Blast’ containing remix by DJ Suketu & Aks were released.

In 2000, Zubeen wrote, directed and acted in his own Assamese film Tumi Mor Matho Mor. He acted, co-produced and scored music in another Assamese film Dinabandhu, for which received a national award in 2005. Zubeen had done music for Strings – Bound By Faith, a Hindi film, directed by Sanjay Jha was released in 2006. Mukha and Uronia Mon are the latest solo Assamese albums of Zubeen released in the year of 2007 under the N.K. production banner. Currently he is working on his new Hindi album Chakra. Zubeen came up with his own Hindi album ‘Zindagi’in 2007, which received good appreciation.

List of Zubeen’s Albums

Assamese Albums

  • Anamika
  • Meghor Boron
  • Zubeenor Gaan
  • Mukti
  • Hiya mon
  • Xabda (Sobdo)
  • Paakhi
  • Snigdha Jonak
  • Xixu (Shishu)
  • Maya
  • Sinaki Mon
  • Akou Hiya mon
  • Niribili Godhuli
  • Lajuki mon
  • Jantra
  • Raang
  • Rangdhali
  • Rongmaan
  • Asha
  • Dilruba
  • Mukha
  • Unmana Mon
  • Uronia Mon
  • Jonaki mon
  • Rumal

Hindi Albums

  • Chandini Raat
  • Yuhi Kabhi
  • Sparsh
  • Shradhanjali
  • Nupur
  • Zindagi
  • Chanda

Music Director in Assamese Films

  • Bidhata
  • Nayak
  • Daag
  • Hiya Diya Niya
  • Jown Jwole Kopalot
  • Kanyadaan
  • Tumi Mor Matho Mor
  • Jeevan Nadir Duta Paar
  • Barud


  • Global Indian Film Awards (GIFA) (2006)- Best playback singer (Male) for the song “Ya Ali”.
  • Max Stardust Awards (2007)- New Musical Sensation (Male) for the song “Ya Ali”.
  • Nominated for Film Fare Awards (2007)- Best Play Back Singer.

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Music profile: Zubeen Garg

From nowhere to Ya Ali

Ya Ali, from Gangster – A Love Story, which has become a cult song of sorts, has made Zubeen Garg one of the most popular contemporary Bollywood playback singers. This song has made him popular on the international level too. The singer composer, who hails from Assam, is flying high.

Zubeen Garg is not new to Bollywood. He earlier lent his voice to Fiza, Mudda, Kaante and Brides Wanted – all good films but surprisingly, he was not noticed. Until Ya Ali happened in Gangster – A Love Story. The song topped the charts in India and is now becoming very popular internationally as well. For Zubeen, things could not be better. Offers have been pouring in and he is spoilt for choice. He has just made his debut as a composer with Sanjay Jha’s Strings, a film with the Kumbh Mela as its setting.

Zubeen, who is a well-known singer and musician in Assam, wanted to be a music director and has been in the music industry for 12 years. He composed music for Assamese films and delivered hit albums too. His first album, Anamika, released in 1992, was a top seller in the region. Having sung in 40 languages, Zubeen also dabbled in acting in a film called Dinabandhu and won a national award. He has been trying to carve a niche for himself in the Bollywood music for more than five years now. His big break came with Kaante but fame and fortune happened with Gangster.

He speaks animatedly about Sanjay Jha’s Strings, in which he had made his debut as music director. He says he was given the space to experiment and blend folk elements with the modern in his music. There are six songs in all and the highlight is that Zubeen has converted a 600-year-old Assami prayer into Hindi. The poem composed by Baba Nagarjun, is a satire on democracy. The response in Assam and Bengal, where the music has been released, has been positive and he hopes that his music will be appreciated in other areas of the country as well.

Currently, offers are pouring in and Zubeen is singing for PNC productions’ Pyar Ke Side Effects which has music by Pritam. He is still considering the zillions of offers that are pouring in.

Zubeen wonders why he was not noticed in his earlier films but that is hardly surprising considering how fickle Bollywood can be. Especially when one considers that Zubeen plays the guitar, mandolin, percussions and the keyboard as well. He need not wonder any more, though. Bollywood has finally given him his due.

Awards & Recognition

He received many awards for his contribution to the field of music. Some of his achievements include –

The Best Music Award in 2005 for Bengali film ‘Shudhu Tumi’,
Global Indian Film Awards (GIFA) in 2006 for the song ‘Ya Ali’ in the film ‘Gangster’,

Max Stardust Awards (2007) for being the new Musical Sensation.
He was also nominated for the Film Fare award for the category of best playback singer.

Zubeen believes that he has just started and there is a lot more for him to contribute to the industry. He wants to reach for the sky with his dedication towards his work.