Assam Bihu Dance Video

Do you like Assamese Music? Assamese Music is very sweet. If you are new to the world of Assamese Music, then we want to request you to give it a try! In most of the Assamese Music, you will find the touch of folk tunes. And out of all the folk tunes, Bihu tunes are the most famous in Assam. Bihu Songs hold an important role in Assamese Music Industry. Every years thousands of new Bihu Songs are released.

Assamese Bihu Dance Song

All of them are not perfect or good. Then also in most of the songs, you will find the smell of Assam! Sorry we want to mean about the Assamese people, Assamese culture, Assamese traditions etc. In this site, we will try to feature some good Assamese Music.

But, as there is no boundary for music, you can see some western touch in new Assamese Songs and Videos. Many people don’t like it. But, we think that, if you are not forgetting your roots, then everything is okey! So, though many modern songs and videos are being produced in Assam, there are also lots of good, original Assamese Songs and Videos. People like both of them. Afterall it is a matter of choice and taste.